Medisci Talk: Solve Mood Swings Easily In Just 4 Minutes

solve mood swing

Solve mood swings easily in just 4 Minutes

If you encounter stress that makes you irritable. You should adjust your mood in the following ways:

  • 1st Minute: Warm-Up

    Step 1 Change your posture immediately, such as standing up.
    Step 2 Move 3-4 facial muscles.
    Step 3 Gently place your hands on your heart to call your mindfulness.

  • 30 Seconds Later: Smile to Yourself

    Step 4 Look in the mirror and give yourself a sweet smile. It can help reduce your heart rate

  • 2 And A Half Minutes Later: Sit Calmly

    Step 5 Sit with your back straight. Just this will help

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