Recommend: Do not eat sugar can risk diabetes?

Avoiding sugar

Avoiding sugar, still at risk of diabetes

It is well known that among people who are at risk of "diabetes", patients with diabetes, or even people who want to control blood sugar levels mainly need to avoid foods that are high in sugar, such as carbonated drinks, sweet drinks, or foods with refined flour, such as white rice, bread, bakery, as well as noodles made of flour.

eat too much sugar cause diabetes

The Caffeine Food Is Also the Risk of Diabetes

Aside from sugar and refined flour, there are still some food groups affecting blood sugar control that need to be avoided as well, including foods and beverages containing "caffeine", such as tea and coffee. Even without sugar, these foods contain "caffeine", which naturally performs as a stimulant making us feel refreshed, animated, and not sleepy. However, the disadvantage to people with diabetes is this caffeine will stimulate the secretion of "Cortisol hormone". This hormone can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. Moreover, we must avoid foods with "trans fats" that are often found in processed foods such as margarine, creamer, bakery, french fries, and frozen foods as these trans fat foods will stimulate the inflammatory process in the body and the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance

This effects of the body's cells to become resistant to the hormone insulin known as "Insulin Resistance", which causes the cells in the body not to use sugar from the blood to produce energy the cells, so it results in high blood sugar levels. For example, a glass of fruit juice contains a lot of fruits and sometimes is greater than the amount of fresh fruit that we eat in everyday life causing a large amount of sugar, especially "fructose". For fructose, if the body receives excessive amounts, it may increase the risk of developing fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance, and these effects lead to the rising of blood sugar levels. Thus, we should eat fresh low-sugar fruits, such as guava, apples, raw mangoes, or dragon fruits.

Except for diet, the important factor for maintaining a good condition of diabetic patients is "exercise", whether it is walking, running, swimming, or swinging your arms can help in sugar-burning in the body. It also helps control blood sugar levels.

Information by Dr. Narumol Tongsreeneam

Composed by Medisci Center

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