Why wash your face often, the more it is?

                Why people look oily There are more symptoms after washing your face often, because our skin is usually seen on the outside. That it's not about moisture, flexibility, smoothness Comes from 2 types of skin components.

                 The first is the issue of sebum. Or oil produced from the sebaceous glands And is exported a lot from our pores The second component is the epidermis. Which acts as a skin barrier And is also the body that holds water in the skin Therefore, our skin normally has both "water" and "oil" that is a balance. And helps to maintain the moisture of the skin.

                 For oily skin Sometimes will come in the form of oily skin. But lacking water in the skin Resulting in unhealthy skin barrier Which may be caused by using skin care Or using facial cleansing products Which has too much detergent Causing to pull water Or too much oil from the skin Or may be a lot from scrubbing the face vigorously. Frequent washing of these things will destroy the skin barrier. Causing the skin to become more dehydrated When the skin is dehydrated The body will try to adapt by stimulating the oil production from the sebaceous glands more. Will make the face look more oily But it is oily skin that is dry Not smooth This type of skin may cause irritation. Prickly heat and rash.

                In people with oily skin Actually, it is not necessary to wash your face often. Should wash your face about 2 times/day, usually enough The important thing is to choose a gentle face wash product. Does not wash off oil Or does not wash off too much water in the skin And may add or apply moisturizer that is involved in adding water to the skin Strengthens the skin barrier These will help adjust the water balance. And the oil in the skin And resulting in less oil production from the sebaceous glands.



 Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong
Compiled by: Medisci