Pregnant women Beware of the risk of bright diseases!Disabled baby.

               "Brilliant Disease" is a disease caused by a virus named "Varicella Virus". Which this type of disease Can contact and spread quickly Due to contact via breathing And may be dangerous in people with low immunity Whether children with people with immune disorders Including in the elderly And another group that must be extremely careful is the "pregnant women" group, because if the mother who is pregnant Getting caught "brilliant" and being infected may result in the fetus There is a chance of getting infected too. By the brilliant May result in children with congenital conditions. Or even death Sounds really shocking.

               Currently, there is a vaccine to prevent bright diseases. To be able to inject If the mother is pregnant I can't remember whether I had had a "brilliant disease" already. Recommend to consult with a specialist doctor Or the doctor who has antenatal care Because "brilliant disease" can adversely affect the fetus in all stages of pregnancy.

                The first prevention method should be to separate the bedroom. And personal items, tea dishes, spoons, forks, towels should be separated for people with the disease. Since the disease can be spread from 1-2 days before the blisters go up to 7-14 days after the scab is removed.

                In the general public, if they weren't saying it used to be Or immune If contact with an infected person and suspect that it may be infected Can hurry to the hospital And tell the doctor to be vaccinated But in the case of a pregnant woman Unable to vaccinate Usually, the doctor will recommend an injection. "Immunoglobulin" But because of this Not yet in Thailand The doctor will recommend taking antiretroviral drugs, but the doctor will consider the risk of taking antiretroviral drugs. With the chance of being infected individually.

                  For the belief that "brilliant disease" is just a small disease If it were, then just take green medicine. Causing more to be blistered And then disappear by itself Actually, it is a wrong belief !! Immediately wondering if someone close to him Or myself will be a brilliant disease. Should hurry to see a doctor In order to take antiretroviral drugs if necessary Due to antiretroviral drugs Can help a lot in reducing the severity of symptoms And can also reduce the duration of symptoms.


 Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong

Compiled by: Medisci