Pregnant women Beware of the risk of bright diseases!Disabled baby.

 Chickenpox, pregnancy must beware of disabled baby

           "Chickenpox" is a disease caused by "Varicella Virus". This disease can spread quickly because it can be transmitted through the air, and it can be dangerous in people with low immunity including children, people with immune-mediated diseases, elderly, and pregnancy, that is the most risk group. If pregnancy are infected with chickenpox, the disease may result in the fetus. Shockingly, the chickenpox may affect children having congenital malformations or even death.
At present, there is a vaccine against varicella. If pregnancy can't remember she had ever had the chickenpox or not. We recommend to consult the professional doctor or your obstetrician as "the chickenpox" can adversely affect the unborn child at any stage of pregnancy.
For protection, you should firstly separate bedroom and personal items, dishes, utensils, cutlery, and towels from those with the disease since it can be contagious since 1-2 days before the blister grows up to 7-14 days after scar removal.

           For the general public, you can rush to the hospital to get vaccinated, in case you cannot remember you had ever had the immunity or even exposed to the infected person. But! pregnant women are unable to be vaccinated as others. Usually, the doctor will recommend "Immunoglobulin" injection. However, it is unavailable in Thailand, the doctor will recommend ARV tablets instead. Moreover, the doctor will assess the risks of taking the ARVs and the occurrence of infection in each person.

           For the belief that "chickenpox" is just a common disease. If so, just take green herb medicine (Bai Pho brand), causing a lot of blisters and gradually disappearing by itself. Actually, this is an errorneous belief !! As soon as you suspect your closed person or yourself having the chickenpox, should hurry to see the doctor in order to take ARVs, in case it is important. Antiviral drugs can be a necessary key in term of reduction of the severity and can shorten duration of the symptoms.

Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong
Compiled by: Medisci

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