Eat cold pressed coconut oil. Really lose weight?

The study found that the fat contained in "cold pressed coconut oil"

               Is a saturated fat that has structural features Different from saturated fats found in animal fats Or palm oil Fat of coconut oil Will have the characteristics of medium-length fatty acids Which this fat There are many health benefits. When we eat this medium fatty acid The body can absorb immediately. Transmitted to the liver The liver will change these fatty acids into "Ketones", a substance that is an important energy source of the brain. Help with memory Alzheimer's disease And helps in matters of concentration as well.

                In addition, coconut fat Also helps the thyroid to function better Resulting in the system to burn fat in the body to work better Especially the burning of fat in the abdomen Which causes coronary artery disease. Including high blood pressure followed However, eating "cold-pressed coconut oil" to help with weight loss. Need to be done in conjunction with other dietary controls In order to control the energy received each day appropriately.

              In addition to the effects of stimulating the fat burning system Fatty acids in coconut oil Can also help us feel "full stomach" for longer and also has the effect of killing bacteria And mold as well Therefore, the use of coconut oil - Gargle in the mouth (Oil Pulling) to help prevent tooth decay. And helps treat infections in the mouth and throat From the benefits of These "coconut oil" are considered Super Food.

               Eating "papaya oil" should be eaten on an empty stomach such as in the morning after waking up. The recommended dosage for eating is 2 tablespoons / day. If used in the case of oral - gargle in the mouth, the dosage of 1-2 tablespoons is recommended. By taking - gargling in the mouth for 15-20 minutes, then spit it out. And brush your teeth again.



Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam

Compiled by: Medisci