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Drinking Coffee Healthy

6 Tips of Drinking Coffee For Good Health

Anyone who likes to drink coffee probably wants to know how to drink coffee to be beneficial for your body. Today, the doctor will suggest 6 tips to drink coffee for your health.

1.  The type of coffee

You should drink black coffee, which does not fill anything because the addition of milk, sugar, or creamer will increase too many calories to your coffee. Iced coffee with milk and sugar can have a calorie count of up to 300 kcal resulting in obesity easily. The original black coffee has 2 types which are hot and cold extractions. The advantage of cold brew coffee is less acidic, so people who feel uncomfortable in their stomach, have acid reflux, or have gastritis while drinking normal coffee can drink cold brew coffee as it makes you feel more comfortable in the stomach. For the amount of antioxidants, the research found that hot brew coffee has a number of antioxidants that are higher than cold brewed coffee.

Drinking Coffee Healthy

2.  Caffeine in Coffee

Caffeine in coffee stimulates the body's metabolism, so, before exercise, you should drink black coffee first. This will result in better fat burning.

3. The amount of coffee drinking

The proper amount should not be more than 1-2 cups of coffee per day because too much coffee will cause excessive caffeine intake daily. As a result, it leads to several symptoms including palpitations, insomnia, or increased pressure.

Drinking Coffee Healthy

4.  The Health Benefits of Coffee

The caffeine in coffee has the effect to increase the excretion of calcium and water discharged through urine, apart from the limited amount of drinking each day, it is also necessary to take calcium supplements from foods such as green leafy vegetables, sesame, and nuts. Moreover, those who drink coffee should increase the amount of drinking water per day to reduce the risk of developing osteopenia and dehydration.

5.  The Disadvantages of Coffee

Drinking coffee will acidify the body. Therefore, we should not drink coffee with dessert or foods high in sugar, because these foods will increase the acidity in the body, too. A better alternative way is eating fruits after drinking coffee since it is alkaline, so it can help balance the acidity in the blood.

Drinking Coffee Healthy

6. The Contraindications

People with the problem of "High blood pressure" should not drink coffee, because it can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Moreover, people with underlying diseases must take medication regularly and always consult with your doctor before drinking coffee as coffee may interact with any medications they are taking.

Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam

Compiled by: Medisci

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