Postpatumm Blue

                Postpatumm Blue, also known as postpartum depression, is more common in mothers. After the first 3-6 months of pregnancy, there are mood swings, boredom, confusion, discouragement, crying for no reason, bored with food or eating more than usual Weight change Some people have a lot of bad thoughts for the baby.

                Caused by hormones that change after giving birth In addition to hormones, there is pressure from the surrounding. Toil Fasting sleep from raising children Can cause postpartum depression This condition occurs for no more than 2 weeks.

               If it is longer than this, you should see a doctor or psychiatrist. In order to adjust the balance to normal In order to be able to raise children If beginning to feel that it will be Should not be alone And should tell the people around you to get good encouragement Or find activities Exercise can help.

               From the research found that Lullaby singing can reduce depression by 35% and lullaby can help your child develop.



Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong

Compiled by: Medisci