How can I choose a sunscreen so that I does not dark face?

how to choose sunscreen

Selection Techniques

Choosing a sunscreen to protect your face from the sun. There are many details that must be observed.

  • Choose a sunscreen with comprehensive skin protection. (Broad-Spectrum) will protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays
  • Choose a sunscreen with PA+++ (protects against UVA rays that cause premature skin aging).
  • Choose SPF30+ or higher (SPF is a measure of UVB protection).
  • Should choose NON-COMEDOGENIC for oily skin.
  • If anyone goes swimming should be chosen as waterproof sunscreen.
  • Test for allergic reactions by applying it on the back of your arm. To see a rash in 24-72 hours.

The use of sunscreen to protect the skin perfectly

  • 1 gram is the amount per use over the face and neck
  • 30 minutes is the time to apply before going out in the sun
  • Make sure to apply other areas that are directly exposed to the sun, such as your head, ears, feet, hands

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