6 Symptoms That Can Be Treated With Physical Therapy

symptoms for physical therapy

1. Osteoarthritis, Knee pain, Noise When Walking

These symptoms are caused by knee cartilage deteriorating for a long time, making synovial fluid which is the nourishment within the knee reduced. Thus,  causing the impact of the knee joint more easily. When it is, you will feel pain in your knees, pain in your knees

There is a sound in the knee, the knee joint is stiff, if not treated quickly. This may cause the knee joint to be deformed, and unable to walk until the point that surgery is required

2. Herniated disc presses on the nerve

Herniated disc is a condition caused by deterioration of the spinal structure causing it to collapse and press on the nerve. causing nerve inflammation

3. Neck, Shoulder, Back Pain

The Causes of pain can be divided into two main groups according to symptoms

  • Acute pain or symptoms of muscle sprains, common symptoms, such as lying on a pillow, the nature of the symptoms is that the muscles are tight, tense, difficult to turn the neck, etc.
  • Subacute pain or chronic groups is a group of patients with a history of neck pain, the muscle pain before the symptoms come and go and occur with prolonged intense use of the muscles. Insufficient muscle strength that is mostly found in office workers

4. Pain, Stiffness, Numbness From Tight Nerves

Numbness can occur in any part of the body. But the most common are the hands and feet, such as numb hands, numb feet, numbness of the fingertips. By the nature of these numbness It could be a symptom of a disease or an early sign of a disease such as numbness from vitamin deficiency. from diabetes Numbness caused by some causes If left unattended, it can cause permanent nerve damage

5. Office Syndrome

Office syndrome is often caused by using the same muscle group repeatedly for a long time, rarely changing posture Including inappropriate gestures such as sitting cross-legged regularly, sitting bent or bending the head for a long time, etc., causing the muscles that have been used repeatedly to contract or stretch in the same pattern often until the muscles that are tied injury or may be tucked into a tight lump and subsequent pain

6.  Sports Injuries

Injuries from exercise and sports It is generally caused by two main reasons:

  • Rapid and violent impact (contact and acute injury)
  • Excessive or repetitive use of organs (overused injury)

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