Medisci Talk: Check Up! 7 Groups At Risk of Influenza

risk of influenza

7 Groups at Risk of Influenza

1.  Pregnant women, gestational age 4 months or more

It is necessary to take care of the unborn baby which includes diet. Self-care will also be shared with the children. making the stability of the immune system unstable easy to get sick

2.  Children aged 6 months to 2 years

Because babies from birth to 2 years are still in the process of building their own immunity. therefore not strong enough to be resistant to virus

3.  People with chronic diseases

Chronic disease here means Patients with lung disease, heart disease, vascular disease, diabetes, and kidney disease requiring continuous treatment. Because chronic patients have complications easily

risk of influenza

4.  Elderly people aged 65 and over

When we get older After maturity, various systems in the body will begin to deteriorate. It is a vulnerability that makes it easier for viruses and diseases to enter the body than people of other ages

5.  People with cerebral palsy who can help themselves

In the case of a mentally handicapped person, the daily life is different from others. Exercising or preventing disease is something that can not be done like a normal person as well, making it easier to get sick than the general population

6.   People with impaired immune systems

Immunity is a shield that protects us from disease. Viruses and bacteria are not allowed to attack the body until sick. If there is an immune deficiency It makes it easier for germs to enter the body than usual

7.  People who weigh over 100 kg or body mass index of 35 kg per square meter

Exceeding the BMI threshold will cause the body's systems to work harder than it should be, and when staying in this condition for a long time, various systems will deteriorate quickly. This causes diseases and problems of various organs to occur faster than the general population

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