Recommendations For Using A mask to Prevent Dust PM2.5

mask for pm2.5 protection

Mask Using Techniques For PM2.5 Protection

Tips for using PM2.5 dust mask (N95 mask)

  1. Choose a dust mask smaller than 2.5 microns that is standard
  2. Choose the right size to cover the nose and under the chin
  3. Should discard” when the mask is found damaged or the inside of the mask is dirty
  4. The mask should be snug against the face and press the metal part firmly against the bridge of the nose to prevent the escape of germs if the mask is insufficiently tight or loose
  5. The mask should be replaced every day if possible
  6. If you wear it and have dizziness or nausea, you should stay away from pollution. Remove the mask and consult a doctor


People with heart or lung problems should consult a doctor before using the mask

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