Anti-Aging Program
               Health examination program to find the cause of illness in detail Emphasizing disease prevention and planning guidelines for daily life adjustment
Natural Hormone Therapy Program
Medisci Anti-Aging Center has set up a program to test the level of sex hormones in menopausal women and men with abnormalities of various systems in the body 
Total Bio Scan Program
Health screening technology in cellular level by thoroughly screening the function of each organ cell helps finding hidden disorders and degeneration in the body.
Individual Optimal Nutrition Test
It helps you to know which diet, vitamins or supplements are suitable for your body. Moreover, it also helps in the planning of detoxification.
Biocell Therapy Program
Medisci center has developed the science of cell regeneration since cell can develop itself into unlimited cells. With natural homeopathy medicine, which uses natural substances without residue and no side effects
Nutritional Medicine Program
  Medisci has selected certified supplements from foreign and used medical grade raw materials, which are qualified to medical pharmacology and received GMP, HACCP and GRAS standards. 
Inhalant Allergy Program
doctors will recommend integritive medicine to strengthen and restore the immune system. The goals, therefore, are to reduce the use of chemical drugs and prevent future allergies.
Food Allergy Program
  Latent allergy with unidentified symptoms can be occurred in every system of the body. 
 Ischaemic Heart Disease
Lifestyle changes by reducing risk factors are the important way to treat myocardial infarction from coronary artery disease. It also helps to prevent coronary occlusion and reduce mortality from heart disease.
Far Infrared Therapy Program
It also stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system causing the better function of cardiovascular system, motivating the immune system, reducing tension, and relieving muscle pain. In addition, it is able to control weight and reduce cellulite.
 Heavy Metal Test Program
Heavy metals in the body can cause various symptoms including bloating, constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, irritability, low fever, tiredness, fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, frequent aphthous ulcers, body ache, chronic skin rash, easy illness, slow recovery, low immunity, allergic diseases, and various types of cancer such as intestinal cancer, liver cancer, etc.
Bioimpedance Analyzer Program
 BIA is a physical evaluation of nutrition in the body to help you plan proper nutrition and exercise programs. It can also tell the level of metabolism in the body and effectively track changes in muscle mass, fat, and body proportions rather than just focusing on body weight.
Estrogen Cancer Risk Program
According to medical figures in Thailand, at present, breast cancer is the second most common disease in women after cervical cancer. In addition, day by day, the number is increasing, especially in large cities. It is found that 1 of 10 women having a chance of developing breast cancer at some ages.
Biophysical Assessment Test Program
So, it is useful for health care planning and dealing with the problem of premature aging. It also helps assessing whether the health care planning is suitable or not and how effective they are.

Chronic Dermatology Program
The progression of the disease to the cause of chronic skin disease may be caused by many factors such as genetic factors, karma. Some environmental conditions trigger disease, food, infection, stress, scratching, taking certain medications, etc. 
Integrative Intravenous Detoxification Program
Detoxification by chelating is suitable for detoxifying heavy metals. These residues can cause vascular inflammation, atherosclerosis, allergies, and joint pain associated with diabetes.
Atopic Dermatitis
  Atopic dermatitis is a chronic rash on the cheeks, neck, wrists, arms, hands and feet, but rashes in children tend to be more severe in adults. The main cause is skin inflammation which may be caused from external and internal factors including
Comprehensive psoriasis
treatment program
Psoriasis is an incurable disease. It is chronic, but we can mitigate its symptoms. The duration of the disease can be found from 1 - 54 years. The symptoms of each patient will be recovered soon or not, depending on the individual's behavior. Therefore, the goal of treatment is to alleviate the symptoms of the patient with the least side effects. 
Bath Therapy Program
Bath detoxification is a bathing in the water mixed with apple cider vinegar, which can dissolve the fat covering the skin and accelerate the removal of waste from cells. 
Detoxification program with exercise
Whole Body Vibration or Fit-Med 
This machine is designed and tested by Professor Carmelo Bosco, an expert in sports science from Italy.
Alternative medicine
treatment Program
The key of treatment is to always strengthen the body's immune system because when the immune system is strong enough, cancer cells will be destroyed. Moreover, strong immune also prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells. This can be done by adjusting eating habits and daily life, including   
Oxygenated Colon Therapy Program
Oxygenated Colon Therapy helps maintain balance in the intestines by cleaning and eliminating dirt, food waste, waste and residue.
Detoxification program
with parenteral vitamins
H2O2 detoxification is one of the safest treatments because our body has a catalase enzyme that helps converting H2O2 into oxygen and water. The duration of the process is about 1/2 hour per time.
It is found that each cell emits electromagnetic waves all the time for intercellular communication and function control. When we are sick or have cell abnormalities including inflammation, infection, trauma, etc.,
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