Dr. Atchima with Ramathibodi Hospital and the ADS Association organized a conference "Semi- Invasive Facial Tightening"

Semi- Invasive Facial Tightening

Dr. Atchima is honored to be Program Chair, hosted the program, Interviewed and Exchanged Ideas at the “Semi- Invasive Facial Tightening” Conference

held in collaboration between Department of Dermatology Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University in collaboration with the Association for Dermatologic Surgery (ADS), and Astraco Medical Networks Co., Ltd.

At the conference room, 9th floor, academic building and medical integration and Ramathibodi School of Nursing on March 7, 2023

Ramathibodi Skin Laser Center by the Department of Dermatology Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University which is the first resident medical training institute that teaches laser skin surgery in Thailand Including the establishment of Ramathibodi Laser Center (Ramathibodi Laser Center), a laser training center international skin Providing treatment services with modern medical laser technology with high standards and international standards by highly experienced medical teachers. or known for short "Laser Center Rama"

The event was composed of medical experts and qualified to give lectures on various interesting topics, such as

  1. Dr. Pagano Salvatore, a Plastic Surgeon from Italy who has expertise and uses Minimally Invasive technology for more than 8 years came to demonstrate the use of Accutite, a Minimally Invasive RF technology, in conjunction with Morpheus8, a Multi-Depth RF Technology that can help lift both the face and body.
  2. Dr. Thanongkiat Thianthaworn, a specialist in dermatology provided knowledge about face lifting for Asian patients using Multi-depth RF technology.
  3. Dr. Rattiya Techakajornkiet Aesthetic and laser specialist came to suggest guidelines for choosing the technology that is suitable for face lifting to get the best performance
  4. Air Marshal Dr. Noppadon Veerayangkul Certified medical trainer, the first BodyTite device in Thailand, and the pioneer of using RFAL technology since 2010, came to teach about the adaptation of Minimal Invasive RF technology in conjunction with facelift surgery to adjust the face shape for the best results
and culminating with Q&A, sharing experiences with both speakers and doctors who attended this meeting

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