Dr. Ajjima and The Medisci Team have prepared a "Careful Doctor Bag"

Wednesday, August 6, 2021 -
#Doctor Ajjima and The Medisci Team
Has prepared a "Careful Doctor Bag" consisting of a list of 8 drugs, antihistamines, painkillers - reduce fever. sore throat medicine Immune booster Byr200C cough syrup, mineral salt powder, alcohol spray and a mask distributed to help those affected and suffered from the COVID-19 crisis by Aunt Paew Representing community leaders have come to receive and distribute to people in the community

#Doctor Ajjima gives away "Care Doctor Bag"
(( We will fight and pass together ))
Add Line @medisci to inform your needs.

#Doctor's bag cares #faith with covids #we will fight and pass together
#Think and act #repay Khun Land #Doctor Ajjima


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