Anti-Aging Program in both Skin & Nutrition

Anti Aging

Health examination program to find the cause of illness in detail focusing on disease prevention and planning guidelines for daily life adjustment

Eating and exercising appropriately for personal including rehabilitation and slowing the deterioration of the body. Through an Anti-aging Passport, in a form that is easy to understand and can be implemented on your own Same standard as in America and Europe. By examining the functions of various parts of the body such as the autonomic nerve examination Hormonal balance check Risk of cancer Check the rate of bone breakdown. Measure the risk of blockage of the artery wall And check for the risk of heart disease Diabetes and other malignant diseases for prevention and treatment in a timely and effective manner.

Anti Aging

When should the anti-aging program begin?

Beginning before the body has permanent deterioration Due to better editing and rehabilitation In which women should start at age 30 and men 40 years of age.

    • Preparation for the anti-aging program due to slow aging health check Is a physical examination in the condition that you use the body as normal Therefore there is no need to specially prepare And do not need to fast before blood tests
    • History taking the doctor will collect health information from birth to the present in detail. For analysis Evaluate and treat patients correctly and efficiently.
    • Physical examination to assess the actual age of the body How old your body is By evaluating the balance of bodily functions such as evaluating the body's water balance Assessing the fitness of the body's work, etc.
    • Laboratory examination to assess the condition of the whole body, such as checking hormone levels, fat levels, and liver and kidney function, to find the risk of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, arteriosclerosis in the heart or brain cancer.
    • Evaluation of the data from every step will be collected at the meeting of medical professionals from various fields. To process And prescribe treatment guidelines that are comprehensive and maximize the benefits for individuals.


Anti Aging

Treatment guidelines of the anti-aging program

Focus on personalized treatment that is right for you. From the evaluation data Which may choose to use many methods together such as

    • Eating Under the supervision of a nutritionist which will evaluate and propose guidelines for choosing the right food To prevent and treat degeneration in various body systems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.
    • The use of vitamins, minerals and supplements in quantities and forms suitable for action to maximize physical benefits For treatment Balance the body and reduce the degeneration that occurs in the body.
    • Adjust exercise under the supervision of physicians in rehabilitation medicine and physical therapists Suitable individual to reduce the risk of injury Stimulating various hormones to work fully. And reduce the risk of disease Increase blood flow and reduce body fat.
    • Latent stress management by finding the cause of stress Dealing with stress within the body Caused by various chronic inflammation. That is hidden within your body.


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