Goodbye Acne Pores: Smoothening Your Skin with Collagen Stimulation

Table of Contents
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• About service
• Properties
• Who is suitable for FRACTORA™ Fractional Technology?
• Preparing yourself before treatment
• Duration of treatment
• What does include in this package?
• MediSci Center information: Work With Heart
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Are you facing with these unwanted problems?


About service
Medical Fractional radio-frequency therapy helps treat many problems of skin structures such as acne pores and scars. It also rejuvenates skin turgor, reduces aging wrinkles, and revives skin structures from the inside-out. Your skin will look incredible! More information


• Stimulating skin exfoliating
• Forming collagen fiber
• Tightening flabby skin
• Reducing abnormal superficial skin pigments

Who is suitable for FRACTORA™ Fractional Technology?
• Wrinkle reduction
• Patients with scars
• Patients with acne pores
• Patients with abnormal superficial skin pigments such as superficial spider, telangiectesias, and skin texture problems

Preparing yourself before treatment
No need for special preparation. You can make an advance appointment via register at click or call 089-900-6100

Duration of treatment
Each treatment is required 1 hour. Topical anesthesia application is required 30 minutes.
What does include in this package?
• Topical anesthesia
• Medical cost
• Service cost
• Excluding costs for any drugs, products, and medical supplies



 MediSci Center information: Work With Heart
  Phone : 02-954-9440
            (9 AM – 5 PM)
     Mobile : 089-900-6100
    Line : @medisci or CLICK
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