Detoxification program with exercise Whole Body Vibration or Fit-Med

Do you want to be like this? .....
Take no time to exercise But has all proportions
No injury after exercise
Simple exercise Without having to do difficult postures
No need to shower No need to change clothes after exercising.
If agree ..... you should exercise with Fit-Med.




Detoxification program with exercise "Whole Body Vibration" or Fit-Med.

                Detoxification program with exercise "Whole Body Vibration" or Fit-Med is a new exercise machine that stimulates the nervous system of the muscles. Designed and tested by Professor Carmelo Bosco, an expert in sports science in Italy with the principle of "Whole Body Vibration" or whole body vibration. Helps burn energy Increase flexibility for the body Strengthen muscles and bones Helps control the balance of hormones secretion Increasing the circulation of blood and lymph, which is a process that helps clean the body By stimulating the circulation of the blood and lymph systems.
                Fit-Med is a stimulant for the nervous system of the muscles. It is a modern technology in sports and health called Hyper Gravity. Designed and tested by Professor Carmelo Bosco, an expert in sports science in Italy, with the principle of "Whole Body Vibration" or whole body vibration. Just by standing on the Fit-Med machine, standing for 1 minute and resting for 1 minute for 5 consecutive rounds, you will feel the stimulation of your muscles. Without having to exert weight lifting Just use the Fit-Med exercise aid to burn energy. Strengthen muscles and bones



                The whole body vibration principle works by stimulating the muscles using deep tendon reflex several times in a row, causing the muscles and tendons to relax. And enhance the performance of the muscles even better.

               The advantage of using Deep Tendon Reflex is to train the whole body. By using deep tendon reflexes that occur frequently, without causing harm to the muscles Helps to increase the efficiency of the muscles more than the training of normal muscles. Helps to shorten the time needed to achieve the goal of muscle training. From having to take many months Only a few days left And also helps increase bone mass and Growth Hormone that helps strengthen muscles And helps slow down the deterioration of the body.

               The Fit-Med exercise machine is used as part of the muscle-building work of many sports scientists, such as American footballers. Athletes of the Italian football team NASA pilots.

                Due to the outstanding success of the Fit-Med, there are many exercise machines that mimic the Fit-Med, claiming the same result. But because the Fit-Med device is based on the research by Professor Carmelo Bosco, which has been patented, only the Fit-med device will benefit the body according to research principles. Since the safety and efficiency of the machine depends on the degree of vibration, frequency and acceleration of the device, which cannot be imitated.
Fit-Med machines are suitable for

     -  People who want to stay healthy always (Normal people of all ages)

     -  People who want to strengthen the muscles and bones

     -  People who want to prevent osteoporosis Or those in the old age

     -  People who want to save exercise time and not have to change clothes after exercise.

     -  People who want to lose weight and have tight skin

     -  Athletes who want to increase physical fitness


     -  Short time to exercise

     -  Do not be tired of exercise

    -  No sweating Therefore do not need to change clothes after exercise

     -  Easy to use, does not cause danger

     -  After exercise No symptoms of fatigue or muscle pain
     -  Helps to increase muscle strength effectively

- Helps to increase the flexibility of the body

- Helps to lose weight.

- Helps to tighten skin

- Helps to strengthen the health of bones and helps prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

- Helps to balance hormones

- Helps to increase blood and lymphatic circulation