Bioimpedance Analyzer Program

Bioimpedance Analyzer Program


               BIA is a physical evaluation of nutrition in the body. To help plan proper nutrition and exercise programs It can also tell the level of metabolism in the body. Effectively track changes in muscle mass, fat, body proportions More than just looking at body weight. In addition, BIA is also able to tell the degree of degeneration of all the cell walls in the body to tell the level of deterioration of our body as well. And can be compared to your development After you begin entering the anti-aging medical care program.


The BIA can check

     - Cell performance
     - Metabolism of the body
     - the amount of muscle mass
     - The amount of fat mass
     - the amount of water in the water cells outside the total water cells in the body
     - BMI (Body Mass Index)

Benefits of the BIA

     - Helps to accurately assess the nutritional status of the body. Without hassle.
     - Helps to effectively organize nutrition and exercise programs according to the problem.
     - Used to monitor the treatment results For anti-aging.