Far Infrared Therapy Program


Far Infrared Therapy Program

              Far Infrared detoxification program is a program that uses heat from far-infrared waves with ozone emission to eliminate wastes from the body including heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins that dissolve in fat and excrete with sweat. It also stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system causing the better function of cardiovascular system, motivating the immune system, reducing tension, and relieving muscle pain. In addition, it is able to control weight and reduce cellulite.

              Far Infrared is a machine emitting an integrated wave of solar energy, which is a wave that cannot be seen and releases energy in the form of heat. The wavelength of Far Infrared will not hurt the skin nor cause burns, but Far Infrared will release heat energy that is beneficial and not harmful to the body. Infrared can pass down to the subcutaneous fat layer, where toxins are accumulating. In addition, it rises body temperature and helps blood flow better. Also, it accelerates excretion of sweat and toxins including heavy metals, chemicals, and substances dissolving in fat. Moreover, it helps cells get more nutrients and oxygen by improving blood flow causing healthy skin. Moreover, Far Infrared causes endorphin release due to temperature rise, so it alleviates pain and reduces inflammation.

The difference between heat from Far Infrared and general heating cabinet (Sauna)

             The obtained heat from Far Infrared can directly get into the muscles, tissues, and cells up to 1.5 inches depth, unlike a conventional heat oven (sauna) that provides just a superficial heat, required very high temperature for sweat secretion. Therefore, you will feel uncomfortable during sauna therapy. In addition, stimulating the body with excessive heat can negatively impact hair and skin, so its results are not as effective as infrared cabinets.

              Far Infared is a machine that uses heat from far infrared waves. It helps eliminating wastes from the body including heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins that dissolve in fat by sweat secretion. It also improves circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems. Moreover, it reduces tension, relieves muscle pain, enhances energy metabolism, controls weight and removes cellulite.  

Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy Program

          - Detoxify
          - Improve cardiovascular system
          - Stimulate the immune system
          - Reduce tension and tiredness
          - Improve sleep quality
          - Relieve muscle pain
          - Metabolize energy, control weight, and reduce cellulite


          Far Infared is highly safe as well as harmless to cells, tissues, and organs. It is commonly used in hospitals such as newborn incubators. There are no serious side effects, but after the treatment, the skin may become dry and rough for a while. Patients should apply lotion and drink plenty of water within 24 hours after the treatment. We should choose an infrared cabinet with a temperature control sensor and able to adjusting system, program, and the temperature that is suitable for each physical condition and the specific problems. The procedure must be operated under the supervision of experts and medical personnel.

Treatment duration

          Takes about 25-35 minutes per time. Should be done continuously 2-3 times per week or every time if a detoxification is done, especially intravenous detoxification.

Suitable for:

         - Muscle spasms or myositis after exercise
         - Toxin accumulation
         - Frequent illness, unhealthy, fatigue, and exhaustion
         - Insomnia
         - Obesity or fat accumulation
         - Allergy
         - Skin problems such as urticaria, rash, or chronic acne
         - Chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis


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