Food Allergy

Food Allergy Program

              Food is one of the most common allergens. The type of allergies can be classified into 2 major causes: acute food allergies And chronic or latent food allergies





Food allergies

              Occurs when the body cannot digest food properly. Which may be caused by taking antibiotics, antacids, drinking alcohol regularly Repeatedly eating Or may occur spontaneously from the body. When the small intestine is impaired or allows food that is not completely digested through the intestinal wall to enter the bloodstream in bulk. It will cause the immune system to produce substances to fight foreign matter. In which these substances will bind to the nutrients that we normally eat And there are many chemicals released Causing chronic inflammation Until allergies Although we may have eaten that kind of food without allergies.

            Slow-acting allergy It is not possible to clearly identify the symptoms. And has a chance to occur in every system in the body The symptoms will be different for each patient. Such as tired all the time Sleepy all day, stress, migraine pain, irritability, depression, pain in the body Osteomyelitis Constipation alternating diarrhea otitis media stuffy nose sinusitis asthma chronic shortness of breath Sometimes there is a rash, itchy skin, acne, can not be cured, pain, bloating, bloating, abdominal distension after eating intestinal inflammation, anemia, edema, weight gain, these symptoms may occur so often that many people think that it is their own symptom. Many people may be treated with medication, but the symptoms have not improved. And found that these symptoms may occasionally disappear after trying to change the type of food eaten Which shows that you have ever had chronic food allergies hidden without even knowing it.