Detoxify the intestines, fix bad breath
       Talking about health problems that make people around you do not want to get close, it would be the problem of bad breath. When most people have bad breath, they will focus on solving problems in the mouth. However, actually, bad breath can be occurred by the digestive system in the body.
Bad breath problem can occur for many reasons:

- Oral health problems such as caries, gingivitis, calculus, and oral ulcers cause inflammation in the oral cavity and bad breath problems
- Respiratory tract infection, lung infection, people with laryngeal tumors
- Eating habits such as drinking coffee or alcohol, taking some supplements that cause the body odor, or a group of people who do not eat carbs. When the body does not get carbohydrates, the body will use energy from fat causing the unwanted smell.
- Problems with the digestive system and abnormal absorption are caused by the poor digestive tract. When you eat food, food will be not digestible. There will be indigestion, burp, and constipation causing the fermentation in the body and lastly releasing the unsatisifying smell
         Many people have bad breath and not even realize it. In general, it can be checked by smelling inspiration and saliva, but nowadays there are machines that can monitor respiratory concentrations called a Halimeter. The device will measure the concentration of the respiratory system and indicate the problem level of those who have bad breath.
       If you examine yourself and find bad breath problems caused by the oral cavity, you should take care of the oral cavity by brushing your teeth, scaling, stoping smoking, avoiding stinky foods, and drinking enough water.
         Bad breath problems arised from the digestive system and absorption can come from a stomach infection and bacteria imbalance. Therefore, the digestive system is malfunction, and this results in bad breath and acid reflux. We can examine the digestive system by endoscopy, urination examination, as well as cheking for intestinal leakage, the strength of the intestinal wall, and intestinal inflammation. When encountering these problems, you should immediately get in the treatment because it may lead to tumors or cancer in the future. For people who have bad breath from the digestive system and absorption can detox the intestines by the 4R method as follows:
1.Remove: The removal of the parts that have germs, bacteria, and toxins causing the inflammation in the intestines out of the body
2.Replace: Replacing or adding digestive aids and enzymes which is lack from the body such as fat digestive enzymes, starch digestive enzymes, protein digestive enzymes, and hydrochloric acid to improve digestive system.
3.Renoculate: The addition of a probiotic group into the body to increase good bacteria. Moreover, the prebiotics group are added to provide food for the bacteria in the digestive system in order to make the digestive system work better.
4.Repair: To repair the intestinal wall, using amino acid or small protein to repair intestinal cells, and increasing antioxidants into the body to reduce free radicals

         Therefore, we can get rid of bad breath from the initial cause. To keep observing one's own abnormalities and health care is such an important thing that everyone should do on a regular basis. Moreover, you should take care of yourself every day in order to maintain your health and free from bad breath.
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