Ulthera is a non-surgical and non-traumatic facelift. It relies on energy from ultrasound waves (ultrasound therapy), which is the same wave used in medicine. The nature of this sound wave is precisely emitted (Focused Ultrasound) to allow the waves to transmit small amounts of energy. Many descend into the surface layer of the smash (SMAS), which is the layer that supports the facial muscles To achieve the effect of lifting and tightening the face Or the word Lifting Doctors can see images of the skin layers through Machine screen Allows doctors to treat while adjusting sound waves that are suitable for the condition Each client's skin Resulting in precision and effective treatment results In a short time.
         Ulthera (Ulthera) Tour with Ultrasound Using Inside-Out Technology, the beauty transmitted is born on the inner layer of the skin and then the result is outward which sends the heat wave. Ultrasound that is tightened (Focused Ultrasound) therefore results in both face lifting, reducing stress on the face that is less frightening or helps to increase the altitude. It is like adding filler on the face in which it had broken back up.

         Ulthera has two types of waves: a shallow tip and a deep tip, so doctors can choose to use a tip on each part of the body that is suitable for Each area
         Deep tip (DS 4 - 4.5mm) emits a frequency at 4 MHz and the power down to a depth of 4.5mm can help with face contouring. Reduce the fat layer on the face or reduce the thickness on the face, or will help to shrink the SMAS layer (SMAS) to help in lifting. Clear page border Fixes droopy eyelids and eyebrows
       Shallow tip (DS 7-3.0mm) emits a frequency at 7 MHz and power down to 3 mm. Stimulates collagen and elastin under the skin without harming the top surface. Make the skin smooth, beautiful, clear skin.
Suitable for

People with early degeneration of the connective tissue under the skin, including the reduction of collagen with age. Facial fat loss Having accumulated fat on the sides of the cheeks and wattle are

1. Those whose facial features are not compacted
2. People with droopy eyebrows or eyelids
3. Those whose face frames are not clear
4. People who have problems with sagging under the chin
5. Those with unclosed skin, neck and décolletage
6. Those who have problems sagging on their arms
7. People who have a weak stomach.
8. Reduce excessive sweating in the armpit.

Maintenance and precautions

  1. Provide treatment results comparable to surgery for facelift surgery
  2. It takes a short time to do facial treatments.
  3. No scars May experience a slight red swelling The treated area and healed within 1-2 days.
  4. May cause pain while doing Reduce pain by applying anesthesia for 1-2 hours before the treatment.
  5. May find a hematoma Can happen if energy hits a blood vessel Symptoms improve 3-7 days after treatment.
  6. May affect nerves If the energy hits the nerve May cause temporary muscle weakness Can temporary tea
  7. A scar may occur. If fired with the wrong technique
  8. The results of the treatment will be more noticeable in about 3 months, each treatment lasts for 1-2 years.
  9. Patients should return after 3 months of treatment for re-evaluation.
  10. Diabetes should notify the doctor before treatment.

Inappropriate person

  1. People who have had plaque implants or medical devices implanted on the face and neck
  2. Pregnant women
  3. Seizures
Additional information https://www.ultherapy.com
Https://locator.ultherapy.com/thailand (put 10210 in search box)

Compiled by Development and Research Department [Revised 4/11/16]

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