The internal changes, the main problem of women undergoing natural childbirth, causes physiological changes of the skin inside your vagina such as pelvic organ prolapse. In addition, the major problem of menopause is a loose urogenital sphincter muscle causing vaginal flatulence (queefing) and urinary incontinence. Moreover, hormonal alterations cause thinner and inflexible vaginal skin and loosening. Vaginal dryness is also occurred causing vaginal probiotics reduction, and patient will feel irritated, itchy, and stinging pain while having sexual intercourse. These symptoms lead to loss of libido (sexual drive) causing relationship problems.
ThemiVA technology
         It is a technology that repairs vaginal skin to become tightener and boost its lubricant (Veginal Rejuvenation). It is also a non-invasive treatment for skin problems on both inner and outer sides of the vagina (Vulvovaginal Therapies). The treatment does not require the recuperation and causes no pain. You can see the changes from the first treatment within 30 minutes.
         In the past, solving the problem of vaginal laxity is required surgery and recuperation. ThermiVa®, however, delivers safely radiofrequency waves which improve tightening by increasing blood flow, stimulating new collagen formation, and allowing more synchronous muscle contractions of the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles. This effective procedure causes clients to improve vaginal moisture, ease of arousal, decrease pain, and improve sexual satisfaction, improvement in the control of urine or problems with stress incontinence. Additionally, the thermal effect of radio frequency can improve external labia tissue to become tighter and firmer.
Duration of ThermiVA treatment
          Each treatment is 30 minutes, the changes can be seen immediately after treatment within 1 session, which may require 1-3 times of continuous treatment depending on problems and satisfaction. The treatment effect lasts for more than 6 months to 1 year.

 Suitable for:

- Loose vagina
- Sagging of the skin around the vagina
- Dry skin and creases around the vagina
- Dry vaginal skin. Patients usually feel stinging or pain during having sex or inflammation of the vulva.
- Menopause and vaginal skin problems
- Urinary incontinence
- Anorgasmia (unable to reach orgasm while having sex)
- Pregnancy
- Cancer areas e.g. vulvar cancer
- Menstruation
- Vaginitis

Precautions before and while undergoing treatment

- Should be done 1 week after the menstural cycle
- Should check for cervical cancer before the treatment
- Shave all hair on the treatment area
- If there are adverse symptoms such as stinging and irritation during treatment. Please notify the obstetrician immediately.
Postoperative care and precautions after treatment

- The treatment is safe, no need to recuperate, no pain, no injuries because no surgery is required.
- Able to have sexual intercourse 6 hours after the treatment.
- There may be a little irritation after the treatment and will disappear by itself.
-Should be reassessed every 6 months after the last treatment by an obstetrician
-Should leave the injection procedure on the treatment area 1 week after treatment

Compiled by Research and Development department [ Revised 03/11/59 ]
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