Dr.Atchima Talk
Shortcut for Fat Loss
Long time no see! Have you gain weight??? This is such a painful word. Long time no see? Talk to me like that ruining my confidence!!! Do I really gain weight? And how can I get rid of these stubborn fats?
         Many people want to undergo HIFU treatment to be trendy and beautiful with V slim face, but may still not know what HIFU is and who is suitable for. With increasing of age, everyone will face sagging skin problems and various wrinkles on the face. 
Beauty without risks   
If you don't want a breaking-out face, do not take a risk with using cheap products because our face has only one face. Wee should be careful for it. Beautiful things are indispensable for all ages.
Dr.Atchima Talk
Menopausal Acne
 "Acne" is not only the teenage problem. When you become older, your body is degenerating, and the function is decreasing. In menopause, ovary will produce less female hormones causing some male hormones increasing.
Thyroid: Popular disease of popular celebrities
Talking about thyroid disease, it may sound familiar to you. People, nowadays, have a thyroid problem and not know it, so they do not treat it immediately
Beautify the Eyes
The eyes are the body's vital organs because they say eyes are the windows to the heart. 
Thanks, Docs! I got beautiful boobs!
        Breasts are the important and attractive part of women. Main problems of many girls must be her boobs. Some with small size may lack of confidence. 
Tattoos changed life
Many people think that tattoo is only for esthetics, and it is popular in some groups of people.
Baby face
Cosmetic surgery is not only for adults but also for young people. Youth, nowadays, also undergoes Botox treatment for adjusting their face, eyes, and nose shapes.

Wrong Fixing
Many girls are suffered from wrong site surgery. Moreover, some undergoes operation with quack or impostor causing mistakes and worse results.
Help me! I got melasma!
Melasma, one of the most concerning problems of women, is usually found after 35. However, nowadays, younger can also get melasma early caused by strong sunlight, chemicals, food, and cosmetics.
Chubby face exit
To get into today's trend, you must have a slim face and V chin. What if you have a fat face with a wattle, what should you do? Actually, having fat face is not strange or bad, but how to make the face in a good proportion and what kind of traits indicates that you have fat face?
Get pockmarks away!
Acne is an inflammation of the skin that occurs when your hair follicles plugged with oil and dead skin cells.
Unpretty eyebrows
Eyebrows are the important component of the face. It is an organ that keeps our eyes clean and clear from the sweat around the forehead.
Big Booty
Wide hip is not as appealing as everyone thinks. Some girls in some continents love big booty and hip depending on her social value, yet Asian girls disagree.
Fillers... Error
Women, absolutely, want to be beautiful since her appearance is the first thing other people see.
Detoxify the intestines, fix bad breath
Talking about health problems that make people around you do not want to get close, it would be the problem of bad breath. 
Sorry…Cellulite is not allowed!
 Many people think cellulite is a problem of obese one. However, in fact, thin people also have a cellulite.
Prettier with acupuncture injection
Acupuncture point injection is a combination of European and Chinese medicines. It uses both acupuncture and natural medication for the best treatment results and less side effects.
Pretty boobs without surgery
Many young people dream of getting in shape and having beautiful boobs to look beautiful and confident in every clothes. But in fact, not everyone is born with beautiful breasts.
Cooling for looking cool
Beauty is indispensable for women. Everyone chooses different ways to keep themselves beautiful including taking care of oneself, diet control, exercise, spaing, or bathing in a sauna since the heat will help in body waste secretion.
Tattoo Lover
Nowadays, there are many aspects about tattoo. Most of people accept the tattoo and do not consider it as bad guy stuff anymore. 
Otox Resistance
Botox injection is performed for tightening your face shape as well as reducing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds. Of course, it is very popular among women.
 Eliminate unsatastifying spots
We believe that many people probably have certain parts of their body that undesirable whether it is a hidden spot or a noticable spot. 
Bacteria for Better Skin
Many people think that “bacteria” is nothing than a pathogen causing many harmful diseases and making us sick. 
Handsome Upgrade
Nowadays, surprisingly, some “men” take care about their own appearances from head to toes more than “women”. 
Acne: the burden of all ages
No one has never had "acnes". Acne can occur in all sexes and ages. Acne is caused by abnormal cell division causing the thickness of the upper skin cells around the pores area. 
YoYo is not OK
The yo-yo effect is an imbalance of the body caused by incorrect weight loss.
Salt is Poisonous
However, strong taste is not good for your health, especially too much salt.
Celebrity skin
It is believed that many young people want to look beautiful without makeup like a celebrity
Unbeautiful Beauty Surgery
Nowadays, thanks to latest medical technology, women can be forever young by fixing any defected area such as wrinkles reduction, double eyelid surgery, nose job, chin augmentation, double chin removal, or even liposuction.
Anti-aging formula
When people get older, the moisture under the skin layers will be reduced. 
Gangnam Unnie: Why I look like her after surgery?
It is undeniable that surgery nowadays becomes widely accepted. 
Moldy skin
Fungi can enter the body through many ways. It can cause itching, ringworm, and tinea versicolor in the back or chest.
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