Stretch Marks Treatment
         Stretch marks is a rapidly expansion of skin and internal tissues causing collagen degradation and scars. This appearance is usually found in pregnancy women, obese people, quick weight gaining or losing, and adolescence rapid growing up. These unsatisfying stretch marks usually found in belly, breast, thighs, hip, and buttocks areas. The effective treatment should be done in new stretch marks which have a light pink appearance. After a while, it will eventually turn into white like scars, and the treatment procedure will be harder and need more technology.
FRAXEL RESTORE: Using laser to regenerate skin and stimulate collagen production, your new skin will become stronger, smoother, and tighter.
SKIN NEEDLE: Rotating roller with large amount of fine needles (diameter 0.25 mm) on the skin with a suitable depth will cause small wounds. The purpose is to produce new collagen and elastin in the dermis, stimulate deep skin layer, and destroy unwanted fascia. This equipment is potentially used for deep stretch marks.
CARBOXY: A carbon dioxide injection on treatment area stimulates blood and oxygen circulation and collagen production. Local anesthesia is applied before treatment, so patient will not feel any pain.
TRI-ACTIVE: Wound healing with cold laser therapy enhances fat dispersion, tighten flabby skin, and reduce undesirable stretch marks. This therapy is suitable for new stretch marks.
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