Pelleve´ is a medical device used for fine to moderate wrinkle treatment, which is suitable for all skin types. The device helps soothing and tightening wrinkles and reyouthing the skin by using radiofrequency technology (RF) from the Pelleve´ without causing skin injury, surgery, or any rehabilitation. This non-invasive technology is operated by professional doctors.
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         Pelleve is a medical device using radio frequency (RF) technology, which is the only radio wave that delivers 4 MHz radio frequency energy in the form of electromagnetic waves providing local heat and deep into the skin with a temperature of 38-65 celsius through a handpiece with contact size 7.5,10,15, and 20 millimeters. Furthermore, this machine can cut-off its temperature to prevent any harm to the treatment area. The heat generated will go down to the subdermal junction reducing the degradation of collagen and will stimulate the contraction of collagen. It also stimulates growth of protein which will encourage the production of collagen firming the upper skin layers and increasing better skin texture and structure. Therefore, moreover, combining with temperature cut-off system, the Pelleve can clearly reduce wrinkles without surgery.
1. Skin structure before undergoing the treatment
2. Radiofrequency waves penetrate the skin increasing more heat in subcutaneous layer.
3. The waves cause subcutaneous heat up to 65 celsius, inducing shrinkage of collagen. The result is that wrinkles on the upper skin are reduced.
4. After treatment, the subcutaneous temperature will gradually decrease to its usual temperature, causing no harm to the skin.
Suitable for:
1. Wrinkles around the chin
2. Nasolabial folds
3. Marionette lines
4. Glabellar lines
5. Forehead lines
6. Wrinkled skin on the upper eyelid
7. Eye wrinkles
1. Patients with a pacemakers, nerve stimulators, or any type of implanted electrical devices in any area in the body
2. Immunocompromised patients
3. Pregnancy or breastfeeding women
4. Patients using Accutane® should be in the discretion of the professional physician.
5. Autonomic nervous system (ANS) hyperactivity on the treatment area.
6. Open wound or infected skin on the treatment area.
7. Depend on the discretion of the doctor
Maintenance and postoperative care
1. Some patients may have slightly erythema or swelling after the treatment immediately which will disappear in 2-24 hours.
2. The patients can normally do make up after the treatment.
3. Depend on the discretion of the doctor
Compiled by Research and Development department and Monlawadee Tantrawarasin [Revised 14/12/59 ]
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