It is a medical tool that has been validated by the German company Nemectron to help maintain skin care, helping to rejuvenate adults damaged by cleaning. Blisters, as well as cut-off or surgical skin toning, exercise, exercise, exercise, basic physical activity Of substances to treat deep furrows (Extracellular matrixes) through LDM machines - traded by doctors and not damaged throughout the treatment.
Working principle

Innovative skin therapy machine with LDM Med (LDM: Local Dynamic Micro-massage) powered by medical waves called ultrasound waves with a frequency range of 1MHz, 3MHz and 10MHz, which down The depth of the skin is 3 cm, 1 cm and 0.3 cm respectively.
    By LDM-Med using dual frequency ultrasound technology (dual-frequency ultrasound technology), including LDM 3/10 (dual-frequency power at 3MHz and 10MHz) and LDM 1/3 (dual-frequency power at 1 MHz and 3MHz) with 10MHz ultrasonic technology. The alternating frequency system produces a specific micro-massage force of up to 500 times per second, stimulating the production of fibroblast cells. This cell is the key to the regeneration of collagen in the skin. And biological alterations of the skin in the structure of the surface cell coating to balance by adjusting the metric compounds Methaloproteinase (MMPs: Matrix metalloproteinase) This substance, when formed in the surface cell coating, decreases the protein in the cell, resulting in Heat shock proteins (HSPs: heat shock proteins) influence the reduction of hyaluronan (HA: Hyaluronan) emollient.
     Which exists in natural skin And this is the reason itself is the cause of various skin problems. It produces inflammation by which the descending waves can precisely control the depth and energy of the waves without any side effects. In which doctors can adjust various usage values ​​to suit specific skin conditions. LDM-Med treatment Thus helping to slow down aging Prevent scarring Including scar removal (the basis of the physiological problem of cell coatings (Extracellular Matrixes) in the same way) reduces the volume of water in fat cells. Helps break down bad collagen and stimulate new collagen production. It can be used in conjunction with other treatments to help shorten the recovery time. Reduce pain And can reduce the limitations of each treatment as well, such as IPL RF lasers, for example In liposuction or fat dissolving injections, it can be reduced by 30-50% from the original that can be reduced and also reduce the side effects that may occur, including the better structure of the skin.
Suitable person

  1. People with aging problems
  2. Facial skin or body not tightening
  3. Prevent the occurrence of aging wrinkles
  4. Reduce cellulite problems
  5. Used in conjunction with before and after liposuction.
  6. Use in conjunction with before and after the facial lifting treatment.
  7. Stretch marks
  8. swelling
  9. acne
  10. Allergic eczema Inflammatory skin around the mouth
  11. Sores caused by circulatory disorders
  12. Red scars or ulcers
  13. Acne scars
  14. Ringworm
  15. Psoriasis
  16. Skin Lupus Erythematodes Disease
  17. Allergic skin rash
  18. Pushing nutrients into the skin
  19. Use in conjunction with aesthetes, such as injections, RF lasers, at the discretion of the physician.
  20. This is up to the discretion of the doctor.

Contraindications and precautions

  1. Do not use with people wearing metal.
  2. Do not use with people wearing a pacemaker.
  3. Do not use on areas with fractured or broken bones.

Compiled by Research and Development Department [Revised 26/8/20]
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