Many people want to undergo HIFU treatment to be trendy and beautiful with V slim face, but may still not know what HIFU is and who is suitable for. With increasing of age, everyone will face sagging skin problems and various wrinkles on the face. Caused by aging skin cells, we may look worn down and not as beautiful and firm as before. Each person will find different ways to tighten their face, including surgery and medical innovations. Whether it is a face lift surgery injection, filling, fine thread lifting, and "HIFU" technology, these are such very popular innovation today.

         HIFU is actually a medical term whose full name is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is a technology that uses modified waves for treatment. HIFU technology has been used before in medical operation by transmitting wave into the skin, the abdomen or organs. It is beneficial for many treatmens such as tumor and cancer treatment since operation is performed by adjusting the wave frequency to destroy cells or tissues that we do not need without surgery. In present, HIFU technology is used in the field of beauty such as face lifting or dissolving fat at different points of the body by adjusting the frequency to suitable depth for different applications. Because HIFU is considered as a safe technology from several researches, it is thus rated to be another alternative treatment in beauty field, and the patients can see the satisifying result within 1 treatement. However, if you need more long lasting treatment, we would like to recommend Ulthera for you.
         Ulthera is an ultrasound therapy using Inside-Out technology. The energy sent down is generated on the inner layers of the skin and then the effect is existed. This is a precise ultrasound energy transmission (Focused Ultrasound) that can transmit energy deep into the SMAS layer (tissue layer). Thus, it results in both face lifting effects and helps reducing facial fat causing sagging face as well as fat in various parts of the body causing shrinkage. Its results give the patients firmer skin. Ulthera technology also has a display showing the energy transmitted to any layer under the skin, so it is possible to define the treatment surface layer.
         HIFU technology has many alternative uses. It is important to deliver the energy accurately. If the power delivery is inaccurate, it may lead to a poor treatment because the results of treatment depend on the accuracy of the selected devices, which is the reason why many people did not see the satisfying results from the treatment. Therefore, before the treatment, we should carefully consider the standard of the devices, price, including specialist doctors in order to get the best results.
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