What is EnerJet technology? EnerJet is a new technology and innovation that treat skin problems including damaged skin, sagging, scars, acne scars, stretch marks, untightened neck or facial skin. The treatment is operated without needles, no need to recuperate, and no thermal heating on the skin. Moreover, it gives effective results, and you can see a change within 60 minutes after treatment.

         EnerJET uses Jet Volumetric Remodeling principle by delivering a concentrated hyaluronic acid carrier by using kinetic energy as a driving agent, through a nano dispersion drug. In a wide area under the skin, with the delivery force through all 3 levels of skin tissue, healing agents are penetrated deep into the SMAS layer helping create and remodel new collagen. It also increases the strength of the fibroblast in the SMAS layer, a membrane that supports the tissue of the facial skin. This will cause lifting, tightening, and reshaping the face, and smooth, firm as well as hydrated skin. Therefore, the treatment is able to treat hypertrophic scars or different types of scars, loosing hand skin problems, and reduce wrinkles on the forehead or neck areas. Moreover, it can reduce stretch marks, smoothen skin texture around neck and décolletage, and tighten pores. The treatment can be used for all skin types.
EnerJet แก้สี
Picture of working procedure

This picture shows skin condition before the treatment. The aging skin is dry and has deep wrinkles.
      The drug, acting as thousands of nano-bullets, speads laterally due to the high pressure power. The drug sprading causes wound size as small as micron level (Micro Trauma), which will stimulate the production of collagen and increase the strength of the fibroblasts. As the prodution of the collagen and fibers, the strength of skin structure will be more improved.
EnerJet แก้สี
EnerJet แก้สี
      This picture shows the transmission of hyaluronic acid by using kinetic energy. It is driven through a very small entrance on outer skin layer (epidermis) into the SMAS layer, and, with the molecules of the substance combining with the kinetic energy, the substance is distributed throughout the SMAS layer.
         The hyaluronic agent starts working. With the natural healing mechanism of the body, the skin improves its structure. The skin will be saturated and moisturized causing the production of new collagen.
EnerJet แก้สี
EnerJet แก้สี
      Over time, with the natural mechanisms of the skin on the treatment area, the skin's structure orderly reorganizes the collagen fiber network, making tight, strength and voluminous skin. The treatment result, therefore, will last for 6-18 months.
Suitable for:

1. People who want to undergoing a medical procedure but are afraid of needles
2. Suitable for people who have a sagging face, not firm, not tightened.
3. People with droopy eyelids (Ptosis)
4. People with acne scars or rolling scars
5. Keloid areas
6. Stretch mark areas
7. Wrinkle areas
7.1 Back of the hand
7.2 Aroud the chest (décolletage)
7.3 Cheek area
7.4 Neck area
7.5 Around the eyes area

Postoperative care and precaution

        Apply anti-inflammatory cream and strictly take prescribed medication after the treatment. Avoid sun exposure after 48 hours of treatment. Also, do not rub, scrub, or poke the red, scale or nodules on the treatment area.

Side effects

- Darker skin color may occur on the treatment area and will slowly fade away in 2-6 months.
- Bleeding might be occurred causing subcutaneous hemorrhage, bruise, and nodule on the treatment area which will disappear by itself after 10 days.

Compiled by Development and Research Department [Revised 4/11/16]
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