Atchima Talk: Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia) Cure

chronic pain

That symptom is chronic pain, medical language is called “Fibromyalgia” which is a group of people with chronic pain throughout the body. Most of them will have pain for more than 3 months. and there are more than 7 pressure points or more, or there may be other symptoms associated with some patients when stressed will result in immediate pain, this disease affects the sleep digestive system circulatory system and is associated with depression and office syndrome

chronic pain

The Symptom

    1. There is deep pain in the muscles in any part of the body, it may be pain all the time or pain only when working
    2. Pain severity It can range from just being tired enough to be annoying. Until the pain is torture until the muscles in the pain area are unable to move
    3. In some cases, there is numbness in the hands and legs as well.
    4. Some people have chronic headaches, insomnia, and abnormalities of the body structure, such as those with a crooked spine
    5. Short legs are not the same length. As a result, there is an imbalance in muscle function. which causes muscle pain

chronic pain treatment

Chronic Pain Treatment

In general, most doctors will prescribe pain medication, and we should have a way to exercise appropriately, such as stretching during work. If you have to sit and work for a long time, light exercise, find a way to relieve stress, or use a group of "Physical lasers" which can relieve a lot of pain

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