What Should We Do With Premature Gray Hair?

gray hair treatment

Premature Gray Hair Problems

Gray hair is inevitable, it is a kind of Aging Process. Our body produces less pigment, especially in the hair. Causing "Premature Gray hair" by the reason that causes premature graying of hair It comes from inflammatory stress in the body. Free radicals cause faster cell degeneration. In addition, various hormonal balances are one of the reasons that causes premature "gray hair" and another group is hereditary, What kind of gray hair treatment? We will see about that.

gray hair treatment

When does Age Gray Hair Getting Started?

Those who have gray hair according to aging is caused by the deterioration of hair cells. Normally, Asians start graying their hair around the age of 40. Gray hair increases by 10 - 20% every 10 years if you have hair. Graying before the age of about 40 can mean that you have premature graying of hair. For Westerners, gray hair begins to appear at the age of 35, especially in African-Americans. Gray hair is found at the age of about 45 years.

Slowing down gray hair care what must be taken into account first is the nutrition of the hair in the group of folic acid or whey B9 must see if our hair has been exposed. Are these foods enough? If you want to keep your hair voluminous Should eat green leafy vegetables, spinach, and vegetables such as pods. including bean sprouts Another essential nutrient is iron and copper. Which is available in a group of fruits and vegetables. If we want to have black hair It is necessary to eat food in these groups.

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