Silk Peel ปรับสภาพผิวให้เรียบเนียน

Silk Peel การปรับสภาพผิวด้วยการกรอผิวแบบนุ่มนวลโดยการใช้ผงอลูมิเนียมคริสตัลทางการแพทย์ที่มีความละเอียดสูง พ่นผ่านผิวหน้าด้วยความเร็วสูง ช่วยให้ผิวเรียบเนียน ลดสิวเสี้ยน ลดริ้วรอย และแต่งหน้าได้ง่ายขึ้น


What can Silk Peel do?

●      Pore Tightening

●      Reduce causes of pimple and clogged pore

●      Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

●      Treat acnes scars ( especially new acne scars)

●      It works best if treat with other treatment to effectively reduce scars, melasma, pigmentation and sun damage.

How long does it take to do Silk Peel?

Take about 15 minutes.


How often and how many times do we have to do the treatment?

It depends on each individual’s skin condition and needs. In general, the treatment should be done 6 to 12 sessions, 2 weeks apart depending on skin problems and conditions for the most effectiveness. After that, you may schedule another session once every 1 or 2 months to maintain the effects.


Does it safe?

At Medisci, we use only medical grade Aluminum crystal powder imported from Italy with high quality standards. The crystal powder is very fine to scrub on the skin surface that does not cut or irritate to your skin.


Can it be treated with other treatments?

Silk Peel works well if treated with other treatments, especially rejuvenation program such as TDS, Facial Toning, and laser treatments.

What you have to do after the treatment?

Silk Peel is the painless treatment. After treatment may be found a little redness on the skin but it will recover with no downtime. You can return to you normal routines. Everyday use of sunscreen should be applied to maintain the effective of the treatment. However, aggressive SilkPee l treatment may cause some irritation , redness , exfoliation but it will recover within few days to a week. The sensitivity to the sun might be seen. The strong sun exposure should be avoided and high SPF sunscreen lotion should be applied. The regular skin toner or astringent and irritating cosmetic products should be avoided during the first period to make sure that they will not irritate the treated skin which might lead to inflammation and darkening of the pigment.

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