Prettier with acupuncture injection

Prettier with acupuncture injection

          Acupuncture point injection is a combination of European and Chinese medicines. It uses both acupuncture and natural medication for the best treatment results and less side effects.


          Chinese medicine was invented 2000 years ago. Originally, it began with using stone-based equipment to perform massaging. Chinese believes that our body has life-energy, so they improve this concept and spread it around the world. Chinese medication is now accepted and very popular as it not only treats many symptoms but also adjusts your body balance.

          Traditional European medicine or Homeopathy was invented 200 years ago. The inventor is Samuel Hahnemann. The principle is that drugs that bring on symptoms can treat an illness with those symptoms, or it is called “like cures like”. Nowadays, this concept is developed to vaccine injection. It is a use of similar things stimulating self-reparation.

          When you combine these two medicines, it is called acupuncture point injection.


        Acupuncture point injection is the injection of homeopathic products in acupuncture points (followed by Chinese medicine) causing body balance adjustment by natural substances. The main principle is to stimulate immune system for self-reparation.

           Physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM) is a combination of Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and conventional medicine. The key is to improve body balance in mind, nervous system, hormone system, and immune system.

            Acupuncture point injection mostly improves esthetic in both face and body. It is suitable for rashes, chronic acne, and chronic melasma problems which indicate your body status. Thus, this treatment will adjust body balance and detox toxic substances in cells. Moreover, natural substances stimulate collagen production, reduce collagen degradation, and restore cell functions causing chronic acne and chronic melasma reduction and skin tightening.

            Acupuncture point injection has less side effects comparing with other treatments. Although there is no report, it should not be done in pregnant or breastfeeding women. This is another choice of natural treatment for your perfect skin and body.



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