Get pockmarks away!

Get pockmarks away!

          Acne is an inflammation of the skin that occurs when your hair follicles plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes a small inflamed spot, nodule or pustule. When acne occurs, they will then disappears. However, the problem is the trace of acnes. It may appear as scars, redness, black spots, especially acne holes. Many people have problems with acne scars that are difficult to treat. It can be easily seen that your face is full of pockmarks, decreasing your confidence.

Acne holes
          The body's healing process starts with creating tissue cells while the inflammation is occurred. However, if the inflammation appears for a long time until it causes a lot of cell destruction, it will result in a scar that is difficult to repair. Especially in people who like to press, squeeze or remove acne by themselves, the inflammation of acne will become more severe and need more complex treatment. There are many research found that if you treat the inflammation quickly and shorten the inflammatory process, it will have less chance of scarring. This is the reason why we should treat acne and its inflammation since early stage because it will minimize the chance of scarring or acne holes. For the pockmarks, there are various types as follows:
     • Ice pick scar is a small hole and deep to the inner skin, so it is difficult to treat.
     • Box scar looks like a depression or crater. They have clear edges and broad area as chickenpox, but it is shallower.
     • Rolling scar is a shallow acne pit. Its appearance is sloping edges with a concave-shaped. It only occurs on the superficial surface of the skin.

Pockmarks treatment
     - Treatment by surgery and sutures or replacing with tissues from other areas and sutures to allow tissue growth.
     - Treatment by using a special needle, in which the needle is inserted under the skin to cut the membrane and groove each holes to shallow the pockmarks.
In present, a variety of technologies is adopted for pockmarks treatment. The technologies focuses on dead skin cells removal and stimulating regeneration of skin cells.
     - Skin conditioning with microdermabrasion
It is a method of microdermabarsion with gem scales which helps to shallow the pockmarks.
     - Skin conditioning with acid
By marking or peeling the skin with fruit acids, it helps to exofoliate the upper skin cells and stimulate the body regeneration reducing the pockmarks.
     - Treatment by laser
It stimulates the production of collagen under the skin to reduce acne scars.
     - Treatment by radio frequency
It is the transmission of energy to stimulate the collagen production to reduce wrinkles, redness, black spots or acne holes.


          Side effects of acne scars treatment : It will depend on the technology of treatment. Generally, the technologies such as the use of fruit acids or deep-penetration acid cause the wound and stimulates collagen replacement. There may be side effects from infection such as redness, hyperpigmentation, recurring scars, or may stimulate more acne. In addition, postoperation care is also a factor.
          How to prevent your face from acne holes : You should start the treatment since the acnes is turning to be scars or prevention before the acnes exist. The major causes of acne are stress, hormones, sleep late, toner and cosmetics. If you have acne, you should prevent the inflammation and avoid foods causing skin inflammation such as chocolates, ice cream, cow's milk, desserts, and fried foods. Severe and incurable acne problems are developed by taking antibiotics for a long time. Thus, it results in severe inflammation of the body and poor digestion and absorption. These effects lead to acne occurance and more pockmarks.



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