12 diseases that come with obesity

12 diseases that come with obesity

Obesity is one of the most popular diseases in Thailand. Not allergic to cancer. 12 This terrible disease is often associated with people who are obese. with the following diseases:

1. Migraine has a 57% chance.

2. Lipids in arteries have a 63% chance.

3. Blood pressure has a 55% chance.

4. Acid reflux has a 98% chance.

5. Knee osteoarthritis has a 76% chance.

6. Gout has a 77% chance.

7. Intracranial pressure has a 96% chance.

8. Sleep apnea has an 89% chance.

9. Vein thrombosis has a 95% chance.

10. Heart disease has a chance of being 82%.

11. Belly fat has a 80% chance

12. Fatty liver obstruction has a 90% chance

However, if you lose weight, diet, exercise and eat a healthy diet. You have a chance to reduce your risk and stay healthy.

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