Do you know... what are the disinfecting products that can be cleaned?

Do you know... what are the disinfecting products that can be cleaned? 

4 Cleanable Disinfectant Products


          as a topical disinfectant Use to wipe the skin around the wound. Wipe the skin before surgery or before injections. to reduce the chance of infection around the mouth wound to enter the wound should not be used to clean open wounds Because alcohol has the effect of destroying proteins in tissues. Causing necrosis, slow healing wounds, causing burns, irritation
Alcohol is suitable for metal surfaces and must be alcohol containing more than 70% to be able to disinfect and can also bring this 70% alcohol. Wash your hands to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Washing powder

          It is a detergent produced as a substitute for soap. Contains both synthetic and natural surfactants as the main ingredient. It is the sodium sulfonate salt of hydrocarbons. for washing Includes detergents in the form of granules or granules, semi-solid, semi-solid extruded flakes, sticks or other forms. But does not cover liquid laundry products.

Washing powder is a detergent suitable for fabric materials. It must be mixed with hot water at 70 degrees before it can be sterilized.


          A chemical that can remove stains and stains that are deeply embedded in fabrics and can effectively lighten or whiten fabrics. It has properties that help kill bacteria and viruses. Bleaches can be divided into two types.1. Chlorine Bleach. This type of bleach. Contains sodium hypochlorite solution that is highly corrosive to heavy stains. Excellent bactericidal It also has the ability to bleach the fabric to be white and bright. It is suitable for washing white clothes in particular.2. Oxygen Bleach is a bleach solution containing hydrogen peroxide. And oxygen is mixed with both of these substances will act to limit organic stains. and general stains, and also makes colored fabrics look bright It is suitable for cleaning colored fabrics.Bleach contains 6% Na Hypochloride. It is suitable for sprayed surfaces, mucus, saliva, and must be mixed 1 : 100 parts water to be disinfected.

Hydrogen peroxide

          It is a clear, colorless liquid chemical at room temperature. Slightly more viscous than water, has a bitter taste. Hydrogen peroxide is a surface disinfectant. (Disinfectants) can inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeast by wiping. Wash on the wounded body. cuts, cuts, burns, or is used in mouthwash and gargling. It cannot be used for severe wounds or burns, especially deep, wide or hollow wounds, including animal bites.
Hydrogen peroxide contains 3% H202. Special corrosion precautions are required and must be mixed with 1:5 parts of water to be disinfected.

Caution!!! : The four products mentioned above should not be sprayed. because it will cause the spread of germs

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