Oxygenated Colon Therapy Program

 Oxygenated Colon Therapy Program

              Oxygenated Colon Therapy helps maintain balance in the intestines by cleaning and eliminating dirt, food waste, waste and residue. Because these wastes are usually not able to be completely excreted, and the intestines have several meters long and curl back and forth, there is a chance that food waste, dead tissue cells, parasites and mucus will adhere to the intestinal wall in a form of fecal deposits, which is the source of various pathogens. Oxygenated Colon Therapy helps reduce unwanted odors. The therapy has a system to prevent intestinal infections and is able to control the temperature, flow rate, and water pressure in order to prevent gastrointestinal perforation. The operation is performed and supervised by well-trained expert doctors. Therefore, it is very safe. However, detoxification using the above methods is not suitable for people with severe enteritis, colon cancer, a problem of mineral absorption, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure.

Oxygenated Colon Therapy

              Have you ever known? ... problems in the digestive system and intestines may be the source of frequent fart, foul mouth, bloating, chronic acne, depression, anxiety, short memory, and unusal behavior. Deficiencies of digestive and absorption systems cause residual waste and accumulated toxins resulting in decreased immune system performance. The low immune system performance affects all systems of the body bringing chronic illnesses and various degenerative diseases including rheumatoid, migraine, poor memory, chronic fatigue, allergy, cancer, and skin problems such as chronic allergic rash, chronic acne, and premature aging. To improve gastrointestinal tract with Oxygenated Colon Therapy is an alternative way to reduce abnormalities of digestion and absorption and encourage good health.

              Colon cleansing is not only useful for people with abnormal bowel problems because those with normal excretion systems are also have residual waste, especially in the deep intestines, which cannot be eliminated by the daily excretion. The suitable way of colon cleansing not only helps balance the good bacteria in the intestines and improve the efficient function of the intestinal system but also helps flush out toxic residues in the intestinal wall, which is one of the causes of illness.

Colon Hydrotherapy (upper colon cleansing with pure warm water)

              Colon hydrotherapy is a form of colon hydrotherapy for the entire colon with a suitable pressure of pure water. This way is different from the use of laxatives or lower-level cleansing that is commonly used coffee, which eliminates waste only in the lower intestine and unable to remove toxins and wastes attached to the intestinal wall for a long time. They are also at risk of torn intestine, infection, or recieving toxic residue from substances used for bowel cleansing.
Preparation before an upper colon therapy

             Before the treatment, should refrain from eating food for at least 2 hours. During colon therapy, you will feel like normal deficating, not a diarrhea pain, in a periodic pain as the water release rhythm. After treatment within 15 minutes, you may want to defecate 1-2 times, so you go to the toilet until you are sure you have finished defecating, and then you can return home.

Oxygenated Colon Therapy with Colon-Hydromat Comfort

              Colon-Hydromat Comfort is an international standard medical device developed by the German company, Herman Apparatebau GmbH, for oxygenated upper colon therapy. The temperature of water used for bowel cleansing is controlled to be suitable for the body, and it is sterilized with Habamat Aquaclean technology, so you can ensure purity and bacteria-free.

              Adding concentrated oxygen to the water during washing also helps increase the efficiency of removing toxins that stick to the intestinal wall, kill parasites, and effectively destroy pathogens. In addition, organs receive an increased amount of oxygen by penetrating the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. This oxygen also helps balance the electrolyte and the acidity - alkalinity in the body.

              With the suitable water pressure, it is safe to deliver water into the deep intestine. Therefore, it is able to wash the entire colon unlike other systems where water can only be fed through the distal intestine. The system will slowly release water from an anus to the intestine with a small catheter for 45 minutes and is ejected in a closed system.

        Throughout the process, the operation is under controlled by medical professionals combined with equipment designed specifically for intestinal cleansing. It also provides convenience. Moreover, the closed system prevents infection, and the equipment that directly touches the body is sterile and disposable. Therefore, you can be confident in the quality and safety.

Intestinal enema helps solve health problems in people with these symptoms:

              Problems with bowel movements, chronic constipation, flatulence, belching, frequent fart, abdominal pain, diarrhea, regular diarrhea, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, low fever all the time, easy triedness, fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, dry mouth, stomatitis, foul mouth, severe odor, skin diseases with rash, chronic acne, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and hemorrhoids.

Contraindications for colon therapy

              People with abdominal surgery for not more than 3 months, a tumor in the abdomen, stage 2 to end stage of colon cancer, an anal surgery for not more than 2 months, a severe hernia, bloody stool, anal bleeding, loss of sphincter control, colorectal surgery, colostomy, or pregnancy.

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