Bath Detoxification Program (Bath Therapy)

Bath Detoxification Program (Bath Therapy)

            Bath detoxification is a bathing in the water mixed with apple cider vinegar, which can dissolve the fat covering the skin and accelerate the removal of waste from cells. This method can be done at home by mixing 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in the bath with warm water. Then you soak your body in the bathtub with all hair and skin exposure except your face for 30 minutes and shower to clean the vinegar from the body by using normal shampoo and soap. After the treatment, the skin may become dry, especially on the hands and feet. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water within 24 hours. Bath Therapy should be done about 1 time/ week or every time after detoxification, especially intravenous detoxification.

            In addition, you should calm your mind and relax by meditating, focusing on your breath, managing stress, controlling food intake, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, and getting enough sleep by going to bed at about 4 pm and waking up at 6 am. Moreover, you should avoid the use or exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, etc. and all addictive substances.




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