Psoriasis dermatitis from the immune system

               Psoriasis dermatitis is not a contagious disease. Because psoriasis is not an infectious disease. Exposure to psoriasis patients Or even direct contact at the area of ​​the psoriasis It does not cause contact as well.
The cause of psoriasis from a recent research study is found from two main factors.
     The first factor is that it comes from genetics, but genes, but this factor is rare.
     The second factor that is more often encountered is the fact that our body has a variable immune function. Also known as distortion Or whether the immune cells destroy themselves In English, it is called Auto Immune state.
               Found that psoriasis Caused by the fluctuations in our white blood cells. Then attack our skin cells causing the skin cells to divide quickly and there is chronic inflammation in the skin
              The appearance of psoriasis rash In most cases, the appearance of a thick red rash has clear boundaries. There are white or silver scaly patches on the rash. Which is the origin of the name Psoriasis Found positions can be found from the head, face, hands, feet, nails and any other crook.
              Since psoriasis is a disease caused by variable immune function. Therefore, any factor that can stimulate the immune system to fluctuate, it can make the symptoms worse. Whether in the matter of
     1. Stress
     2. Not enough rest
     3. Illness
     4. Infection
     5. Allergic to certain foods
     6. Drinking alcohol
     7. Smoking
     8. Or even eating processed foods Foods containing MSG, flavoring, flavoring, and all of these preservatives can be a factor that can trigger psoriasis symptoms to worsen.
               Therefore, the treatment of psoriasis In addition to using drugs, topical medication, and the use of lasers Or whether using light therapy Taking care of factors that stimulate psoriasis is another reason that needs to be taken care of as well.




Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci