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Inhalant Allergy

Currently, inhalant allergy is an increasingly common health problem, especially in big cities containing full of dusts and various pollutants resulting in an increase of the number of patients. The patient will relapse periodically causing annoying or facing difficulty in daily life leading to deterioration in health and may be fatal.

The Cause of Inhalant Allergy

Respiratory allergy is caused by the body's unusual sensitivity to airborne external stimuli known as allergens (Antigen). These substances are surrounding us such as house dust, dust mites, pet dandruff, cockroaches, pollen, and grasses.

In some seasons, it may increase the allergic reaction, for example; in the rainy season with high humidity causes more stuffy nose, and, in winter, there is a lot of grass pollen in the air stimulating more symptoms.

Inhalant Allergy Test


Moreover, genetics are involved. If someone in the family has a history of allergies, the chance of developing allergies will increase. When an allergen gets into the body of sensitive people, it will stimulate the release of various chemicals, causing symptoms in various organs such as the nose, eyes, skin, bronchi, and gastrointestinal tract.

In general, there are several symptoms of allergies including frequent sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, lower eyelids swelling, red eyes, itchy throat or phlegm, chronic cough, swelling, chronic itchy rash, urticaria, frequent headaches, unusual tiredness, and asthma.

Inhalant Allergy

Delayed Food & Inhalant Allergy Test

The best allergy treatment is to find which food or substances cause allergic reactions. Moreover, avoiding is important as well. Medisci center in collaboration with the Laboratory Center in the United States checks food allergies and chronic respiratory diseases with special medical technology by drawing blood at your fingertips without starving. In addition, doctors will recommend integritive medicine to strengthen and restore the immune system. The goals, therefore, are to reduce the use of chemical drugs and prevent future allergies.

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