Program to check the balance of cells throughout the body. (Total Bio Scan)

Program to check the balance of cells throughout the body ( Total Bio Scan)


            Technology at the level of health checkup by screening for the function of cells in each organ in detail Helps to search for abnormalities and hidden deterioration in the body. Accurate screening of health problems before illness, such as brain and neurotransmitters that control thoughts and mind, hidden stress Free radical level Hypothyroidism Toxic accumulation Hypersensitivity, hidden from food allergies, etc., providing information and a detailed overview of the various systems in the body, helping to plan treatment in order to balance the organs that begin to develop disorders right from the earliest stages. Prevent diseases or disorders of the organs And find ways to take care of holistic health more accurately and to the point Before the examination with a specific method for further diagnosis.


                Total Bio Scan

         Total Bio Scan is a technology from France. It has been developed for over 70 years for screening health problems in many European institutions, such as St. Louis Hospital and Gustav. Russie in Paris Peking University Hospital and Harvard University are currently collecting data for monitoring methods in conjunction with traditional diagnostic tests. The technology is also certified by ISO 9001 and the European regulatory approval CE 0459 and Certified as a medical device by the US FDA. Therefore, this method of examination is prevalent in more than 20 countries such as Canada, Israel, China and Korea etc.

            What are the benefits of Total Bio Scan ?!

        Total Bio Scan gives us an overview of the various systems in the body. Including neurotransmitter levels that control our minds and hearts precisely Resulting in us being able to focus on holistic health care Can plan a treatment plan to balance the organs that begin to have the disorder appropriately in the early stages To prevent diseases or disorders of the organs.
        The report will provide information on organs that have abnormal or unbalanced biochemistry to the likelihood of disease occurring from various components in the body such as water content, muscle content, fat content, important mineral levels, hormonal balance of media. The nerves and the functions of the autonomic nervous system of the body allow the doctor to detail the problems caused by both the body and the mind. All the links lead to accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment are available to fix the problem. With patients directly to the point and covers holistic medicine better.