Permanent hair removal program to treat ingrown hairs.

     Permanent hair removal program to treat ingrown hairs.

     What is permanent hair removal?

              Permanent hair removal is a highly effective hair removal, which will not come back after at least 1 year. Popular areas for permanent hair removal are beards, armpits, armpits, chest hair, shin, arm and bikini hair. The use of laser in permanent hair removal with the Gentle Yag is considered the best technology at the moment. The laser light has a specific wavelength which can pass through the top layer of skin down to destroy the hair follicles. Without damaging the surrounding skin during the laser shot Therefore there is very little chance of scarring.


     What are the results of permanent hair removal?

          - Permanently remove unwanted hair
         - Ingrown hair treatment
         - Keep the skin smooth.


     Time used for permanent hair removal Depends on the size of the area that needs to be eliminated.

         - Hairs over the lips Takes about 1-2 minutes

        - Armpit hair takes about 5 minutes.

        - Hair shin takes approximately 30-45 minutes on each side.



    Permanent hair removal Is it safe?

         High security With the technology of Gentle Yag from the United States of America That has cold gas coming out with the laser To cool the top layer of skin Not to cause skin damage And helps reduce side effects While doing, you will feel comfortable. Feeling a little pain.


    How often do I have to do it?

          Normally, the hairs will have 3 growth stages, which are germination, stopping and resting phase. The laser will destroy only the hairs that grow. Therefore, each hair removal Therefore cannot be completely eliminated at the same time Need to be treated more than once, with less hair growth In general, it is necessary to repeat about 3-4 times, each time should be done about 1 month apart for the face and about 2 months for the torso, arms and legs.


     Preparation before permanent hair removal.

          Should stop all hair removal methods including shaving Removal and waxing for at least 6 weeks before permanent hair removal.


     Care after permanent hair removal

          After permanent hair removal Will not cause wounds and no scar But may have a slight swelling and redness at the work area Which will heal by yourself within 2-3 days, so there is no need to take a rest and do not require special care Can shower or wash your face with soap as usual Should refrain from using sponges or stone scrubs. And refrain from using cosmetic rollers or perfumes around the hair removal area for 2-3 days and should avoid sunlight or apply sunscreen daily.


     Advantages of using Gentle Yag laser for permanent hair removal.

          - Convenient, fast and safe.
          - Highly effective in treatment Can be treated with all skin colors, including white skin, dark skin, and dark skin.
          - Can treat both small and large hair
          - New hair will have a lighter color. Smaller hair size And gradually disappear When repeated about 3-4 times


     Gentle Lase

          Lasers used in treatment Pigment Lession, such as freckles and sunlight, including permanent hair removal, ingrown hairs, varicose veins on the face and body. After treatment Will not cause wounds Able to do normal daily activities