Just read ... helps against Alzheimer's

 Just Reading... Improving Alzheimer's

          It is true that the simple way to prevent “Alzheimer’s disease in elderly” is reading. According to the study on elderly aged 60 years or over numbered 1500, in the beginning, every participant does not have any symptoms of Alzheimer’s, later, it is found that participants who love to read daily including books, magazines, or newspapers, have the rate of Alzheimer’s significantly smaller than participant who rarely read a book.
          The reason is that, during reading, many parts of brain, including parts of memory, language, analysis, and motion, are stimulated simultaneously.

          In addition, it is found that… reading improves connection of brain cells which boosts the abilities of our brains. Moreover, reading can also enhance your consciousness.
          Apart from prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, reading can slow down Alzheimer’s symptoms in the early stage as well.


Information by Dr. Narumol Tongsreeneam
Composed by Medisci Center

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