Just read ... helps against Alzheimer's

              Is true Number one in an easy way Of the prevention of dementia in the elderly is reading. There have been research studies that followed 1,500 elderly people aged 60 years and above. At the beginning, all subjects Still no symptoms of dementia When continuing to study. Found that among the research participants that reported Have a habit of reading every day Whether reading a book, reading a magazine, or reading a newspaper The incidence of dementia is significantly lower than those who do not read significantly.

                The reason for that is because ... when we are reading, there are many parts of the brain stimulating at the same time, both the brain involved in memory, language, analytical thinking. Or even the brain that is involved in movement Also motivated when we read books.

              In addition, it was found that ... reading helps in connecting the network of brain cells as well. Which connects the network of brain cells There is a very important part that will help increase the performance of our brain. In addition, reading is a practice of meditation as well.

              In addition to helping to prevent dementia We also found that in patients with dementia at an early stage. Using read access It has the effect to help slow the symptoms of dementia as well.



Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci