The more stress the skin is, the worse!

              Stress can affect every body in the system, including hair, nails, and skin.

              Stress affects the chemicals in the body, making the skin more sensitive or irritated more easily. Including affecting the recovery or healing of the wound.

              When stressed, the body releases more hormones such as cortisol. This hormone will stimulate. Causes the sebaceous glands under the skin to produce more fat Can make acne easier.

Will notice that many people may have acne during the exam or that there are acne during this period, very stressful, right?

              In addition, stress also stimulates people with certain skin conditions. Can relapse, for example.

  • People who have acne or Rosacea
  • People with Psoriasis Psoriasis  Including people with Chronic Eczema or chronic dermatitis

Addition stress May also stimulate certain skin diseases such as urticaria, including auto immune or autoimmune diseases.

Of course, we cannot avoid a hundred percent stress in our lives. That each person should have a way to get rid of stress in each form of their own. For example, if aware of this stressful period May have time management.

Time to dodge the activities that you like. May exercise or meditate Exercising regularly and getting enough sleep Very helpful Including the consultation we have with friends or family members. Or even with a Therapist

Or that the therapist It helps us reduce stress and cope with stress better too.


Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong.
Compiled by: Medisci