Birth control pills can help reduce acne.

                 Birth control pills, which are drugs that contain female hormones Many are able to act against the function of testosterone. So it is often used to treat acne Testosterone hormones or hormones in the testosterone group Will have a duty on the skin to stimulate Causing the sebaceous glands to create more oil Will make it more likely to become clogged or inflamed acne Most birth control pills have anti-activity effects in these hormones. Therefore, it can reduce the function of the production of fat on the skin. Therefore often helps to treat acne However, not all birth control pills are approved to be used to treat acne.

               In addition, birth control pills may increase your risk of developing certain health conditions. For example May cause thrombosis in the blood vessels. Including causing side effects from the use of hormones For example, it may stimulate melasma, causing swelling to increase cellulite as well. Therefore, using birth control pills in treating acne requires a specialist doctor to prescribe medication.

               Another point is For this acne There are many reasons that may affect the severity of acne. Whether it is a genetic factor, food, stress, sleep, sleep, or maybe acne from allergic reactions to cosmetics or creams. Can clean some types of skin Therefore, in deciding to use birth control pills to treat acne Will start to use only when we use other basic methods of treatment that do not work first Therefore should not buy birth control pills to treat acne by yourself Because aside from probably not being effective It may also be affected by the side effects of drug use as well.





Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong.
Compiled by: Medisci