What to eat Is there a risk of cancer?

 Processed foods cause cancer

           As you know that "American food is very popular" because it is delicious, easy to make, and buyable since it is available at general convenience stores. However, these simple foods have many additives whether preservative and nitrate in order to make them last longer and look tasty.



           According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is clearly specified that the processed meats such as bacon or ham is classified as carcinogenic, but it is still generally sold as well as independently advertised. Therefore, consumers like us have to choose what to eat wisely and carefully. Many people tell the doctor that they have eaten sausages for many years and have not faced any problems. In reality, the additives in this processed food will stimulate inflammation in the body. Moreover, the immune system has to work harder for many years. Their body will have inflammation without symptoms. When it becomes chronic, the cancer then visits your body.

           As a consumer, doctors recommend "should avoid eating processed foods and taking paleolithic diet instead”, which is a fresh food, real meat, and cooked with low temperature technique including baking and steaming, not frying. For example, we should eat meat from natural sources not from the farm, vegetables, and fruits. We should know what we are eating; for instance, eating real fish, not fish balls, eating real tomatoes, not ketchup, etc.

         In addition, avoid eating milk, butter, sugar, sauces, and condiments because they are all processed. As we eat food to get nutrients to boost energy and nourish our body, we should choose healthy foods, not the easily one.




Informed by: Dr. Nicha Tangpapong
Compiled by: Medisci Center

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