9 ways to help sleep easier

                  Sleep is a condition in which we relax our body and mind, body, hormones including heart and pulse. It was like a period of time to return to balance. As for the mind when we sleep Is a state in which the body gathers information Each day to keep as memories, so during the time that is asleep Considered as a time when the state of mind is relaxed Then it is like the time when the body resolves various problems.

                  Insomnia condition In addition to causing exhaustion and exhaustion Also affect work efficiency. Memory may be reduced The ability to focus or focus on things will decrease the ability to think. Decision making solutions Will also slow down.

            Besides psychological Studies have confirmed that people who can't sleep. Will result in anxiety symptoms And then depression can worsen.

            The cause of insomnia is generally caused by anxiety. Whether it is various changes In life, changing work, moving house, or needing to solve various problems In many lives during that time, the elderly are more likely to sleeplessly than normal people due to reduced hormones.

            Older people are more likely to sleeplessly than normal people due to reduced hormones. In addition, some diseases that the elderly often greatly affect sleep. Some drugs that need to be taken regularly Have the opportunity to make the quality of sleep worse If we feel that the period begins to fall asleep.

              9 basic practices Should adjust the various environments To facilitate sleep, that is

  1. Go to bed for a time and stay awake for a time.
  2. Do not sleep during the day If necessary, just take a short nap.
  3. Should not take work Go to do in the bedroom.
  4. There should be preparation at least 30 minutes before bedtime so that we can prepare.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes
  6. Do not do exciting activities before bed time
  7. Should not eat a large meal at least 3 hours before bedtime
  8. Exercise Helps to improve the quality of sleep. But, if possible, should avoid intense exercise during the time before bed
  9. The important thing is Should refrain from coffee or tea And drugs that may stimulate insomnia

               For sleeping pills is one way to help. But it is only necessary to use it under the supervision of a doctor Many people try to buy sleeping pills for their own use. This one is incorrect and very dangerous. When should we see a doctor? So let's say that we start to notice that the symptoms of insomnia Beginning to affect everyday life, for example, affecting memory Begin to affect the quality of work Or insomnia continuously for more than 1 week. Should really see a doctor



Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong.

Compiled by: Medisci