Merz Gala Thai Night "High Five to High Fly to Year 5 ... Together ... Go Far"

                Dr. Atchima Suwanchinda, MD, Medisci Medical Center Director Honored to join the Merz Gala Thai Night under the concept of "High Five to High Fly to Year 5 ... Let's go together ... go far" at Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok.

                In this event, Dr. Ajjima Suwanchinda and Associate Professor Rangsima Wanitchakdi Decha Was honored to receive the KOL Appreciation Award, an award for speakers, trainers and product leaders from Merz Aesthetics Thailand.

             Merz Aesthetics Thailand, the importer and distributor of premium quality beauty technology innovation Covering all skin care treatments in full range, such as Ultherapy, Xeomin, Belatero and XBeauty, which are trusted by medical professionals worldwide for safety, standards and quality.


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