Drink cow's milk every day Can really nourish the bones of the elderly?

               In the elderly, the most common health problem is thinner "bones" and smaller muscle atrophy. Which is the main cause of protein and calcium. When talking about protein and calcium, many people may think of drinking "cow's milk" because cow's milk Is a source of protein And it is high in calcium But drinking cow's milk May not be suitable for all seniors Because we tend to encounter problems in drinking cow's milk of the elderly in 2 main ways which are.

           1. The body is unable to digest lactose in cow's milk. Due to aging Causes the body to produce enzymes In the digestion of lactose has decreased When eating cow's milk Can cause bloating, bloating, or diarrhea In which this group of people If lactose is 

not digested May avoid cow's milk In a lactose-free way.

         2. The body is allergic to cow's milk protein Or there is a problem with the digestion of protein in cow's milk in this group, even if avoiding to eat cow's milk in a lactose-free group May still have bloating, diarrhea, or rash From drinking cow's milk.

              Therefore, the choice of protein and calcium supplementation among the elderly who have difficulty drinking cow's milk Is to "drink milk from plants" instead Especially soy milk And almond milk. Which the milk from these beans Although it does not have as high calcium as cow's milk But has high protein It also contains vitamins Including the good fat groups such as omega-3 and omega-9 acids that are good for cardiovascular health.

              As for the "Calcium", it may be necessary to take supplements From the group of small fish Or green leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli, or even in black sesame seeds Is a good source of calcium supplements For people who have trouble drinking cow's milk.

              Another important thing For those who want to drink milk from beans every day is to choose to eat without sugar. Or little sugar No preservatives, no coloring, no flavoring, and if you can choose milk from beans That can be organic (Organic Non GMO), it will be more healthy.


Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci